30 apr.

donderdag 30 april 2020

Organisatie: Food for the hungry, Navpress (Navigators), Humanitarian Disaster Institute, Outreach Locatie: Online Kosten: Gratis Toelichting:

Because of COVID-19 we are living through unprecedented times marked by physical distancing and weeks of isolation. There is a deep need for help, hope and care. How can the church respond to COVID-19 as the hands and feet of Jesus? 

Join Christian leaders to learn how to serve others holistically. By attending the Spiritual First Aid Online Summit, you will learn to address peoples’ most critical disaster needs based on 15 years of research conducted by Humanitarian Disaster Institute scholars.

Specifically, you will find practical, intuitive, and evidence-based ways to help others.

  • 25 apr.

    HGJB-predikantenlunch: in gesprek over jongeren en de eredienst

  • 28 apr.

    YNGbelieve Bibleschool week

  • 29 apr.

    Open week Community Development

    Jeugd met een Opdracht Heidebeek
  • 30 apr.

    Individueel begeleide stilteretraite voor crossculturele werkers